Jumping to Take their First Steps: Orientating Our Latest Students

Posted in: Blog | 26 Feb 2019

February’s Orientation Day was an exciting opportunity to meet a diverse new group of care professionals 

Each month, we induct a new round of students seeking to realise their career in aged care, welfare, early childhood and community support. 

Our newest group of motivated students are a comprehensive mix of professionals driving to up-skill and improve their career, and those just taking their first steps towards working in the care industry, either gradating from school, looking to complete a subsequent course or going back to study as a mature age student. 

FOCUS: Our latest batch of care professionals listen in to the orientation (CHARLTON BROWN)

At Charlton Brown, we strive to make Orientation Day a casual and hearty event, where new students can begin to feel at home, taking a group tour of the brand new facilities, and all we have on offer. 

Our objective is to provide students with an array of resources and support to make for a successful gradation and a potential career path to follow. Charlton Brown is home to a large computer lab, social spaces, student kitchen, and high-tech classrooms; the experience of studying with us is fun and seamless and the campus is just walking distance from the heart of Brisbane City. 

NEW GENERATION: February’s Orientation Day was an exciting opportunity to meet a diverse new group of care professionals.

Orientation Day is a half day, which new students partake in a week prior to their first class at Charlton Brown. We walk students through the Charlton Brown fundamentals of class timetables, assessment, make introductions to teachers, who we are and what we will help our students to achieve. Of course, there are ample nibbles and treats to help the newest recruits warm to our team.

At Charlton Brown we enrol new students monthly, meaning it is possible to begin studying in any month of the year, in any chosen field of study, making study more flexible than many learning institutions. 

WATCH: Trainer Sarah Shmith speaks about orientation day, and what Charlton Brown means to her (CHARLTON BROWN).

Market research shows considerable growth in care industries across the board within Australia, due to this influx this is the opportune time to study in any of our care-focused courses; from childcare to welfare support and aged care. 

During our latest Orientation Day, our resident Early Learning Trainer Sarah Shmith’s new class has two students attaining their Certificate III in childcare to enable them to work not just as a day-carer, but up-skill them into professional fields of nannying, and to travel the world.

It is never too late to start to get qualified as a care professional; and with monthly enrolment across the year any student can study flexibility.

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