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Posted in: Blog | 14 Feb 2019

Students from Lily Academy Group join Charlton Brown for the second annual study tour in Early Childhood Learning.

Students from Japan’s Lily Academy Group yesterday joined Charlton Brown’s early childhood trainers and assessors for a hands-on study tour to experience the learning environment and curriculum in Australia first-hand. Celebrating the second annual collaboration between Lily Academy and Charlton Brown, our International Business Development Manager Tanveer Parmar worked with trainers to create a rounded experience across a single day, bringing together theoretical, practical and experiential learning components to provide a rounded demonstration of Australian EC teaching methods.

HANDS ON: Charlton Brown trainer Sarah Shmith walks students through a set of practical early childhood activities (Charlton Brown).

This study tour is a highly impactful opportunity for Lily’s students to understand both the similarities and distinctions between their methods and best-practice in Australia. Working with Sarah Shmith, Early Childhood Education and Care Trainer and Assessor, the 20 students worked through a number of sensory, hands-on activities that included making playdough, biscuit decorating and pasta threading (a fine-motor activity where students thread pasta into a necklace). Laughter inevitably ensued with the quintessential rite-of-passage raw tasting of Vegemite, drawing both disgust and delight from both participants and audience members alike.


KNEAD TO KNOW: Trainers worked with Lily’s students to create scrolls step-by-step (Charlton Brown)

To demonstrate a powerful method of incorporating imagination- and sensory-based learning outcomes, using a combination of cornflour and conditioner the group assembled cloud dough. Cloud dough is a substance with enough viscosity for children to create fun and exciting shapes, but easily breaks-down for them to reform into new creations.

BLACK GOLD: Laughter and stunned expressions as Lily Academy students try Vegemite for the first time. (Charlton Brown)

Additionally, with in-class cooking often a limiting factor in the classrooms in Japan, trainers walked through an exercise in baking Vegemite scrolls from scratch – creating a final form factor that generated considerably greater enjoyment. Students were walked through the process of preparing the dough, crafting the scrolls and baking the final good. Wrapping up the practical activities, trainer Sarah sat-in with students to brush up her origami skills.

COLLABORATION: The annual opportunity for trainers to work with a prestigious international school is profoundly impactful (Charlton Brown).

To tie the theoretical and practical experiences learned in the early part of the tour, assessors work with partner Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre to directly demonstrate Lily’s visiting students the methods and tools used in classrooms. This provides a valuable opportunity to interact with teachers and children in an authentic childcare setting, where we offer a unique opportunity to connect the lessons and learning outcomes with the real-world experience on the ground.

We thank Lily Academy Group for joining our team and providing our trainers with insight into Japanese own teaching methods and approach to achieving learning outcomes. The opportunity to work with diverse cultures to understand different objectives and student approaches. With over 30 years experience in care-industry training, at Charlton Brown we work hard to deliver our students and our partner organisations quality experiences and class-leading qualifications. 2019 will see us deliver a number of powerful initiatives across our school; stay tuned.

Charlton Brown and Lily Academy Group Photo

WORKING TOGETHER: Students from Japan’s Lily academy stand for a photo outside the newly renovated Charlton Brown learning facility in Spring Hill, Brisbane (Charlton Brown).

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