Foundations to Boardroom

Foundations to Boardroom

With a holistic focus on your complete organisation, we have the expertise and breadth of training options to deliver solutions for developing people at every level.



At this level, boardroom governance requires an innate understanding of the legal frameworks and compliance required to manage risk and operate ethically through robust decision-making frameworks.


As a leader of leaders, an executive is expected to possess the strategic ability to drive new efficiencies, foster innovation and build a productive workplace culture through the delivery of timely and effective initiatives.


Every leader requires technical knowledge around operations and management combined with soft skills in communication and emotional intelligence. We teach these skills through an adherence to the 70:20:10 model.


As a specialist, your internal experts have shown a commitment to gaining new knowledge and achieving new heights in their role. With an opportunity manage, experts need to augment their specialist knowledge with generalist people skills.


With a commitment to their chosen career path, specialists need the practical skills and experience combined with industry-leading theory to perform their role in aged care, disability care, early childhood education or community services.


At the beginning of a new career journey, employees need to develop the foundation skills that will set them up for a successful career while also providing opportunities for them to live their best life.

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CHARLTON BROWN® offers a student-focused and industry-driven suite of courses, including 27 nationally and internationally recognised qualifications.


Carer Placement

We can partner with you in providing the highly-trained care personnel with a strong understanding of the underlying principles that support best-practice care methodologies.


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