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Posted in: Blog | 13 Feb 2017

No matter how much time and effort we invest into our working lives and the job we’re in, occasionally it dawns on us that we may be better off doing something else completely different and that’s perfectly OK. If you’re working in a role or industry where you’re lacking the drive to keep going every day, perhaps it’s about time you thought about a more fulfilling career in aged care, childcare, disability or community services.

We know it’s tough to consider taking the leap into something completely new so we’ve put together what we think are five pretty compelling reasons why you should consider a career shift to this rewarding and growing field.


There are too many jobs, not enough people

Sounds too good to be true, right? The fact is Health Care and Social Assistance is about to become the biggest employer of people in Australia due to a range of factors. First, Australia’s ageing population means there will be exponentially more elderly people requiring aged care services in the years to come. The National Disability Insurance Scheme also means that the estimated 236,000 people in Queensland with a severe disability will soon have access to funding for professional support and care.

The Federal Government has also estimated an additional 50,000 qualified aged and disabled carers will be needed in the next five years alone! The same goes for community support roles which will have the same high demand for qualified people, as will the child care sector which will also be looking for an additional 50,000 qualified child carers over the next five years.

Your experience counts

One of the biggest barriers to changing careers is the fear that you’ll be starting from scratch. We get very used to having all the information we need to do our job so it can be a scary prospect going into an industry you don’t know much about. This is the case even if you’re at stay at home mum thinking about going into childcare!

The truth is, aged and disability care as well as community services are all about people. If you’ve been dealing with people every day for years, both professionally and personally, then you’ve already got most of the innate knowledge you need to get started. Similarly, if you’ve got kids yourself, then you’ve got a huge head start in terms of experience for a career in childcare.

All you need is the right training or qualification to marry your experience to the industry knowledge you need to do the work. You’ll find most of it’s common sense knowledge once you get started, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to apply your learning hands-on before you get started.

No two roles are the samedisability

Because no two people are the same, in a sector that’s all about people, no two roles are the same. That means there’s a wide variety of pathways you can take in your career and the possibilities are almost endless as to where you could end up once you get started. Your role as a caregiver could lead you to a multitude of opportunities working within large care facilities or in providing care in a person’s home.

Community services roles are as diverse as the communities in which they support and our graduates find themselves in positions ranging from migrant support through to a range of roles in neighbourhood centres. Roles in childcare also offer great variety with work available in preschool kindergarten, day care or outside school hours care.


Move on up

Once you get started in your new career, there will be regular opportunities for you to begin moving up through the ranks. In such a large and dynamic industry, you’ll find there’s plenty of movement within the organisations you’ll be working for which means your employers will always be on the hunt for capable people looking to make the next step up.

Aged care is one of the fastest growing industries in Australia so while your role may begin as a carer, you’ll find that within these large not for profit or private organisations, there are plenty of chances to transition to a management position. Similarly, your role in community services offers a myriad of ways to transition to new career heights and qualified childcare centre managers are always in high demand.

aged-care-4Work where you want, when you want

If work-life balance is important to you, then the Health Care and Social Assistance industry is the place to be. The sector is all about caring for other people and their wide variety of needs, there’s much greater flexibility in the hours you can work. Whether you decide to work full time, part time or on a casual basis, you won’t be penalised for choosing to work the hours that suit you as there will always be a role you can fill. Because these services are essential to the communities in which they operate, you can also choose to work in roles close to your home, rather than having to spend hours commuting back and forth to work.

Making the switch to a new career is now easier than ever with a range of industry approved qualifications from Charlton Brown that offer flexible study options and rolling start dates. With a proud 30-year history of providing industry-best training, Charlton Brown has developed more than 15,000 quality graduates who now work across every facet of the Health Care and Social Assistance sector. Combining our core competencies and expertise in the care industry with strategic partnerships and support from government, NGOs and large care providers, we’re the ideal starting point for your new career in this growing industry.

Get in touch with us today to find out how you can get started on one of the below qualifications that combine the latest theory with hands-on learning from industry work placement opportunities.

CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing) Covers the key knowledge areas you’ll need to provide support and meet the unique care needs of older people, while also teaching the essential skillsets that will allow you to empower elderly people to live fulfilling lives.

CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability)By looking into the essential knowledge and skillsets required to provide person-centred support to those with a disability, this qualification will also enable you to assist a disabled person to communicate and achieve their goals.

CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support (Home and Community) Learn the vital knowledge required to provide support and meet the unique care needs of older people in a residential or community setting, as well as the essential skillsets that will allow you to empower elderly people to live with relative independence.

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