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Posted in: Blog | 01 Mar 2019

PRESS RELEASE: A referral program with Didasko helps professionals future-proof their career.


Today, Charlton Brown announces an engaging referral arrangement through Didasko to offer five Online Applied Degrees across the fields of Business and Information Technology. The program offers high-quality practical training, helping craft work-ready professionals with highly relevant and desirable skills. The 100% online course structure incorporates nested qualifications, providing students with a Diploma, Associate Degree and Bachelor degree at the conclusion of the program.

Speaking on the referral provider relationship, Charlton Brown’s Group Head of Marketing Bess Brennan said, “This is a fantastic opportunity for our alumni to develop skillsets which are extremely desirable in the real-world. With an applied degree, students learn theory and hard skills which mirror what they will encounter in a relevant role, from cloud computing and infrastructure management, to IT, marketing and management. With two iconic brands and decades of history, we see exciting potential in being a major referral provider to Didasko and their university partner, offering students an education that will help future-proof their career.”

The applied degrees being offered through this referral arrangement include:

  • Bachelor of Applied Information Technology (IT), providing an excellent wide-ranging education in Information Technology, from Systems Architecture and Administration, to Programming and Mobile App Development.
  • Bachelor of Applied Cloud Technology, with a unique collaboration with Amazon Web Services to deliver a relevant hands-on education using the world’s largest cloud provider, towards helping students understand everything from digital transformation to provisioning and infrastructure management.
  • Bachelor of Applied Business (without a major), which introduces students to the workings of organisations and their structure, increases commercial awareness and allows them to build practical knowledge that will be essential for their future career goals.
  • Bachelor of Applied Business (with marketing major), designed for roles requiring a good working knowledge of research skills, market and consumer analysis, media planning and marketing strategies. This is also invaluable when working with external media and marketing-related agencies.
  • Bachelor of Applied Business (with management major), focusing on creating a high-performing team within any organisation. Here, students delve into understanding organisational innovation and development as well as successfully managing interpersonal challenges.

You can read more about this referral program here:


For further information contact:
Bess Brennan
Group Head of Marketing, Sales & Branding
0481 358 471

Download the full press release.

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