Kay Ganley Scholarship Application

Kay Ganley Scholarship Application
The Kay Ganley Scholarship was launched in 2019 in honour of Mrs Kay Ganley, providing those facing hardship with the opportunity to succeed. 

Kay Ganley is an inspirational woman who founded Charlton Brown in 1995 and served as the Chief Executive Officer until 2016. During her appointment, Kay shaped the future of over 16,000 students in over 20 countries, bringing life-changing opportunities to those alike through training and educational opportunities. 

Kay developed agreements with education providers including the Multicultural Centres in Brisbane to support students looking to re- enter the workforce whilst needing additional support to reach their study and career goals. In addition, she launched the Global Linkages Program in 2008, giving Charlton Brown students the opportunity to complete their practical placement in disadvantaged groups around the world including working with; orphans, young children, the disabled and aged care. 

Kay brings the highest level of integrity, social responsibility, knowledge and compassion to all her relationships be that personal or professional. And as such; Charlton Brown proudly presents the Kay Ganley Scholarship, in honour of Kay’s work to the community. 

What is the Kay Ganley Scholarship?

The Kay Ganley Scholarship gives away two fully funded scholarships to those in-need each year, in any area of study the student wishes.

To be eligible, students must be from a low-income background and be experiencing financial hardship. Charlton Brown also takes into consideration personal hardship when assessing applications, this includes: personal medical conditions, disabilities and dependents with special needs. 

How to apply: 

To apply for the Kay Ganley Scholarship complete the application form and send through to bess.brennan@niet.edu.au.

Download the Application Form Terms and Conditions

Apply for the Kay Ganley Scholarship

Download a copy of the form and provide your submission for evaluation.


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