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Outside school hours care – great for kids, parents, and careers

In today’s busy world, many parents struggle with the dilemma of what to do with the children when their school day has finished but their work day hasn’t. Outside school hours care provides a great solution to this problem by providing supervised care and recreation for school-age children before and after school as well as…

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Building a brighter future for Australia’s young people

At CHARLTON BROWN®, we believe that all young people deserve access to the resources and support they need in order to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Unfortunately, many young people experience serious disadvantage through no fault of their own, which is why youth workers play such an essential role in developing caring and respectful relationships…

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Care Crusaders in the community

At CHARLTON BROWN®, we love meeting people who have a burning desire to make a real difference in the world. They care about their own community, especially those people within their community who need a helping hand. We especially enjoy seeing them get qualified for an exciting new career in community services. But what is…

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Parents’ skills in high demand

By Melanie Burgess – News Corp Australia Network PARENTS looking for a career change as they re-enter the workforce should consider using their unique perspective to their advantage in the childcare sector. About 134,000 child carers are employed across Australia including 128,100 women and 5900 men, but this is forecast to reach about 188,600 by the…

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Fostering diversity and inclusion in early childhood

One of the best things about Australia is that we’re a diverse, multicultural country. Not only are we home to the world’s oldest continuous cultures in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, but we’re also home to people who identify with more than 270 ancestries. That’s why it’s so vital that today’s children in Australia…

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The fastest growing job market in Australia

Between an ageing population, more women returning to the workforce and increase spending from governments on Healthcare and Social Assistance, one thing is abundantly clear – the fastest-growing job market in Australia is in the care industry. Those are jobs in aged and disability care, early childhood education and community services. According to Census data…

Michelle Tuffley’s long and successful career in childcare

Graduate: Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services Currently completing: VET Trainer and Assessor I started my career in early childhood education in 1996, working my way through several roles to eventually become a childcare centre director. I then completed an Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services in 2001, and started my VET career as a trainer and…


Stephanie McKenzie’s exciting career change

Graduate: Diploma of Children’s Services Charlton Brown graduate, Stephanie explains how the combination of theoretical concepts and practical experience opened up doors for her in the education industry. I’d always loved seeing the way children grow and learn, and with a young family myself, I’ve found it incredibly rewarding to be part of their development…

Wendy Gabel

Passion for care drives Wendy Gabell’s career change

Graduate: Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing) Currently completing: Diploma of Nursing through Mater Health Wendy was used to working in dynamic and fast-paced workplaces so she found the working environment within aged care was a great match for her established skill sets. For years, I’d worked in various administration and hospitality roles and I…

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10 things to consider when hiring a nanny

More families than ever before have both parents back in the workforce. Options for child care are often rigid and competitive for placements. Many a guilt-ridden parent has tried to beat land speed records in an attempt to avoid the wrath of a childcare director, and leave their child being the last to be picked…

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