Global Linkages- Day 3

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After our morning at Thanh Tam Disability School, we walked to visit the elderly in the aged care facility just up the road. The facility houses 30 elderly women. It was lunchtime when we arrived and everyone was enjoying lunch together. We were shown the new part of the building which had been built solely on donations over the last 12 months. The progress was great to see! The new building provides a wing for students to stay when they come to assist at the facility.

We were shown the rabbits and chickens. The facility sells them to the local restaurants as a way of helping fund the facility. Although it’s something we aren’t use to seeing, we appreciate the saying “It’s the little things in life that matter”. We will visit again next week as we would like to meet with Sister Von.

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The afternoon was spent at Mai Trinh Day Care Centre teaching and assisting 74 young children. The centre is lacking resources however laughter is plentiful! We were told by Sister Chi that the parents were so happy that we were there to teach them. As this is the first time a Global Linkages program is working with the centre, we were delighted with the warm response we received and hope to continue building a relationship for many years to come.

Sadly Margaret spends her last day with us in Danang before she returns to Australia early Friday morning. Margaret has guided us in the right direction, given us advice that only a local would know and made every effort for us to believe in ourselves. The next eight days will be just the four of us, but we are more than ready to continue this amazing journey together.

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