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Posted in: Blog | 18 Aug 2017

Everyday family life can be a juggle. Juggling different bed times and routines for children, conflicting after-school schedules, trying to prepare meals while you’re stretched in different directions, and finding childcare for the all-important date nights; it’s exhausting just thinking about it.

Au Pairs are not just a set of helping hands, they’re so much more. As welcomed members of the family, they can potentially introduce your children to a new culture and language.

Our Au Pairs are here to help with bedtime routines, playing with children, mealtime preparation and light house-hold chores while you get on top of everyday family life.

CHARLTON BROWN, in partnership with Nagoya College, Japan, have international students who’re looking to live with an Australian family, experience the Australian lifestyle, refine their language skills and gain hands on practice assisting with your children. An Au Pair under this arrangement will work as a part-time, live-in nanny supporting children and young family members for up to 15 hours per week.

This program with Nagoya College is now in it’s third successful year and CHARLTON BROWN will host the next cohort of students arriving in September for a six month stay. These students will complete their CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care with CHARLTON BROWN and have also completed their Licence in Kindergarten and Nursery Training in Japan. All Au Pairs hold current Blue Cards, First Aid and CPR certificates.

Hikaru Okano lived with a family of five during her time in Brisbane and said the time with her host family was her greatest memory from her time in Australia.

“While studying, I worked as an Au Pair with a six year old girl, three year old boy and seven month old baby boy.

“My role involved making lunch, cleaning the kids’ rooms and playing with them. Listening and talking with the host parents and children helped my understanding of English and conversation skills. The six year old girl says Hila is my big sister and this made me very happy. After I learnt her songs, she asked lots of questions about my culture and wanted to learn my songs and dance. Exchanging our cultures made me very happy.

“When I first arrived the baby boy had just learnt to sit by himself. By the time I went back to Japan, he was walking a few steps. In my time with the family, I saw him grow up and that was my favourite thing I learnt. I was worried holding and bathing him at first. Now I can make a bottle, change nappies and feed a baby. I can say I have the confidence to look after a baby.

“As an Au Pair, I learned that kids are different each day. I learned Australian kid’s songs to help when it was bath time, when I sung their favourite songs it helped with their good behaviour. I learned Australian culture from my host family. If I didn’t stay there, I wouldn’t know about Australian culture, some places and some food.”

We’re seeking families based in Brisbane for placements. It’s free to register as an Au Pair family, and there will be no ongoing charges. Families will however need to provide a private bedroom for the Au Pair and 3 meals per day.
If you’re interested in hosting an Au Pair contact CHARLTON BROWN by phoning 07 3216 0288 or emailing

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