Aged Care – An Industry Under Pressure

Posted in: Blog | 24 Apr 2018

This latest report from a former aged care worker is the latest in a string of investigative reporting that has shone a spotlight on an industry under pressure.

It resulted this week in an announcement by Minister for Aged Care, Mr Ken Wyatt, for a new Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission and a Serious Incident Response Scheme watchdog to clean up Australian aged care services.

At Charlton Brown we work closely with Aged Care providers and get a firsthand look at the challenges they face in a market that is characterised as one of rapid growth, continuous government policy changes, and reactive to wide ranging customer needs.

Over more than 30 years, Charlton Brown has developed a clear understanding of the best way we can support an industry that looks after some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

Care for a stable career?

Developing new entrants to the industry

Our training program for new entrants focuses on not just the requirements of the training package, but on the Heads, Hands and  Hearts because we know it’s not just the technical skills that are needed in this industry.   We need to identify people whose values align with the industry and their employer, and have the ability to make good decisions when facing fluid situations.

Developing the skills of front line leaders 

Historically those people who demonstrate great competency as a carer are the first people we look to promote as team leaders and managers.  The mistake organisations often make when promoting these people is that they fail to recognise that being a great team leader or manager requires a different set of skills which can only be capitalised on with a deliberate investment in capacity and capability.  Charlton Brown has developed a contextualised program focussed on developing the Leadership and Management capabilities of emerging leaders that enables Aged Care providers to empower the right people as their front line leaders.


Why Choose Charlton Brown

Whilst we commend the actions of Minister Wyatt on casting the focus on identifying serious incidents, let’s also work together as an industry to look at a strategic investment in the capability of new industry entrants and the managers who support the delivery of high quality care from the front line.


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